Family Activities

I’m sure that some of you will be travelling kids and want some kid-friendly actitivities, so here’s a page with basic information (such as finding a playground), so here’s a page to help you out.

Ottawa has a rich tradition of museums and galleries.  For example, The National Art Gallery and Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography are located right in the heart of downtown Ottawa – walking distance from the Lord Elgin. 

The Children’s Museum, part of the Museum of Civilization is a great place to bring kids and it has a huge outdoor playground and a current exhibition displaying toys from around the world.  It’s located in Hull, just over the bridge.  For detailed directions, go to the museum’s website.

Papanack Zoo is located about 40 minutes east of Ottawa in Wendover. It is surprisingly large and includes a wide array of animals, including one of the world’s largest black bears…although don’t take my word on that one. I seem to remember reading/hearing that last year while visiting.

The Experimental Farm aka Canada Agriculture Museum, is located right in the heart of Ottawa. It’s about a 10 minute drive from downtown with barns housing pigs, cows, bulls, chickens, rabbits. And of course, it has the mandatory outdoor playground, as well as a museum with tractors on display and the kids are allowed to climb on top some of them.


One Response to Family Activities

  1. librarybabe says:

    I can highly recommend the Museum of Civilization if you have children. The children’s museum is ‘hands on” – great fun for the little ones. The kids will also enjoy the rest of the museum – fascinated by the Totem poles, and “Canada through the ages” where you can see what it was like to live in Canada in all sorts of periods – including a Ukranian Church that looks just like the ones you can still see on the prairies. IMAX is also a treat.

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